When Will WAEC 2020 Begin? | Find Out When the WAEC Exam Will Start

When Will WAEC 2020 Begin? | Find Out When the WAEC Exam Will Start
When will the 2020 WAEC begin? You can find out the date of the 2020 WAEC exam in this post. It will be held by the West Africa Examination Council.2022–2023 WAEC GCE Government Questions and Answers (Essay and Objectives)
The WAEC examination board has temporarily suspended the 2020 WAEC till further notice due to the effects of COVID-19 and actions taken to stop the spread of the Corona Virus Disease. Exam Timetable for WAEC.
On March 23, the federal government of Nigeria issued a directive ordering the closure of all schools in an effort to halt the COVID-19 outbreak from spreading further.
Since classes will shortly resume, it is encouraged that students make the most of this downtime by studying for the impending test. See when classes start up in Nigeria.
Regarding the start date of the 2020 WAEC exam, false information is being spread. Let me state unequivocally that the new exam timetable has not yet been announced or made available by the West African Examinations Council, or WAEC.waec-past-questions-and-answers-for-all-subjects-
Avoid listening to bogus news on social media and the internet. Always check this site to find out when the WAEC 2020 exam will begin, or bookmark this page for quick access.
When Will the 2020 WASSCE Start?
Due to the Corona Virus Disease, the start date of the WAEC examination 2020 has been altered from April 6, 2020.
In order to ensure that applicants remain safe during the exam, WAEC is actively developing the necessary precautions.
As soon as everything is set up,the public will be informed of the revised exam date once everything is in order.
Reminder: The WAEC examination will begin on August 17 and end on September 5.
Will the WAEC Exam take place in 2020?
Yes is the obvious response. There is no excuse for skipping the WAEC exam. The exam will start as soon as classes resume.
Make sure you study a lot to prevent having to scramble when school resumes because there won’t be time for preparation. The finest time is now.

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