St Clares Scholarship Application Details


St clares scholarship application: The St. Clare’s Scholarship has been committed since its founding in 1965 to supporting the personal growth of young women by enabling their further study and giving them the means they need to succeed in their academic endeavors.

An Overview of the St. Clare’s Scholarship

The Scholarship’s goal is to give students financial support so they may keep honing their leadership abilities. By the time you have finished reading this article, you should be able to:

Read the accompanying materials to learn more about the St. Clare’s Scholarship for Seniors.

Know the qualifying conditions you need to fulfill as well as the deadline for submitting your application.

You will depart from here having learned more than when you came.

The Scholarship is one of the numerous chances for personal improvement offered by the College. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the Principal gives all scholarships to ensure the validity of all grants.

The college is now accepting scholarship applications; however, in order for the school to assess your eligibility and credentials, you must submit an application and fulfill certain prerequisites.

The College strongly advises against submitting your application unless it is accompanied by the required supporting documentation.


Criteria to meet and qualifications to apply for Senior Scholarships

  • Applications must state explicitly that students will attend the College through Years 11 and 12, otherwise they will be rejected.
  • High academic performance is predicted for the candidates in the records.
  • They must certify in writing that they will uphold the College’s ideals and adhere to its rules.
  • It’s likely that they have a solid track record of timeliness and attendance.
  • There is no proof that you have ever gone against the College’s policies and procedures. This information will be taken into account by the College when determining whether or not to provide the applicant a chance to be awarded a scholarship.
  • Candidates must demonstrate leadership abilities and offer assistance to other College-enrolled students.

Instructions for submitting your application for the St. Clare’s Scholarship

Follow the instructions below to submit an application for the scholarship.

You must provide the College with a portfolio outlining your previous and present achievements. This portfolio has to include the following:

  • copies of the most recent two years’ worth of student reports
  • Your NAPLAN scores as well as the outcomes of any other examinations or events you’ve taken outside of school.
  • 300-word essay or personal statement outlining your history and experience in the area(s) of your abilities or talents that you consider to be strongest.
  • Show proof of your involvement in ongoing school initiatives, including any extracurricular activities you may have taken part in.
  • Referee comments provided in support of claims.

St Clares Scholarship Application: Deadline

New applications are not accepted beyond the deadline for the Scholarship, which falls between between March and May each year. If you are still interested, you should now think about applying for the Scholarship in the next year, which will be 2023.


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