Smysor Scholarship Windsor il – How to Apply


Smysor scholarship windsor il: The Smysor Scholarship is a merit-based program that aims to provide financial assistance to high school students who show leadership qualities, outstanding academic accomplishment, and dedication to the community.

The student must have exemplary academic performance, outstanding leadership qualities, and a strong desire to improve both their community and their hometown of Windsor, Illinois, as well as the lives of those around them.

About smysor scholarship windsor il

The John D. Smysorr Educational Foundation, Inc. was founded with the purpose of awarding scholarships, notably to graduating high school seniors who have proven their merit via their earlier academic performance.

They must have established their potential via a history of successes in the classroom and in athletics. Additionally, it must be established that they require financial assistance immediately in order to fulfill their goals of pursuing post-secondary education.

The John D. Smysor Foundation supports student-athletes who have chosen to pursue their careers and who desire to advance their academic skills by providing renewable two-year scholarships of up to $4,000 for up to ten (10) suitable students each year.

The program does not only take into account accomplishments or sports records. One advantage is that joining a specific team or sport at a higher education school is not required.

Additionally, while students frequently get accolades, they are only qualified to receive the scholarship once in their lives.

The organization has put safeguards in place to ensure that no one is harmed and that the scholarship is not awarded based on bias.

Details of the Smysor scholarship windsor il programme

The specifics of this scholarship program are listed below. 

  • Illinois General Assembly is the venue.
  • United States of America.
  • Undergraduate scholarships are available.
  • Study at: Any Illinois institution or university that has been accredited.
  • Dependent upon the degree selected, the scholarship’s duration.
  • Focus Areas: All academic disciplines are welcome.
  • There are both men and women.
  • Deadline for applications: March 14, 2023.

A summary of the Smyser Scholarship is given above.

Benefit of scholarship

This scholarship gives students the chance to pursue a good education while receiving financial aid. Depending on their financial circumstances, students each year get a range of financial aid. This often falls between $4000 and $5000. It pays for tuition, books, accommodation and board, as well as any expenses related to attending a recognized college.


Scholarship eligibility and requirements

  1. The primary recipients of this scholarship are high school seniors who are about to graduate, who have been accepted into an undergraduate program at a college or university, and who plan to enroll in one.
  1. A scholarship will be given to a student who has shown a commitment to excellence in both academics and athletics throughout their high school career.
  1. Scholarships will only be given based solely on academic merit.
  1. Only pupils with strong extracurricular involvement and those who are economically disadvantaged would be given consideration for leadership abilities.

Requirements for Smysor scholarship windsor il

  1. Transcripts from high school or college, ACT or SAT results (if applicable), and information on college financial aid are all required of applicants.
  1. Talent and involvement in the community are additional important criteria for choosing applicants. Winners must agree to spend at least three (3) years following graduation from college living and working in one of Illinois’ nine (9) central counties, which include LaSalle, Livingston, Macoupin, Madison, and Pike.
  1. Prior awardees must successfully complete their verification process and be able to show proof of their employment or enrollment status before their eligibility for the scholarship and the grant’s amount are renewed.

Who is eligible to apply?

The John L., Harry L., and Catherine H. Smysor Scholarships are now available to Windsor High School graduates, current high school seniors, and their dependents.

How to apply

There’s a good possibility that if you’re a high school student, you’ve heard of the Smysor Scholarship at some point. Here is information on how to apply for the scholarship. The application for the scholarship is not currently available. When the form is available, save this page so you can be informed.

The Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation Common Scholarship Application must be completed by interested candidates in order to determine their eligibility for one or more of the Community Foundation’s scholarships. This application is open to everyone.

Once an application has been submitted, applicants might need to provide extra information for different applications.

Application deadline

The Smysor Scholarship Windsor Illinois 2023 application deadline is March 14, 2023. You won’t be able to reapply for the scholarship if it is too late. It is therefore advised that you submit your application as soon as it is available. due to the possibility of rejected applications.


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