5 Signals That It’s Time for a New Job in 2022


5 Signals That It’s Time for a New Job in 2022: A new year, a new… job? Although that isn’t quite the overused catchphrase “new year, new you” that you’re used to hearing at this time of year, it still has some merit. A brand-new year’s beginning can be exciting. The new year signifies a fresh start—a chance to let go of your baggage and bad habits and approach the year ahead with a fresh outlook. It stands to reason that your job would be affected by this similar yearning for fresh starts.

Here’s the thing: When making important career decisions, a new year’s digit shouldn’t be the decisive factor. So how can you tell if this is the year you ought to leave your current position? Here are five indicators that it’s time to find a new job:

  1. Your career development is stagnant

There is simply no other way to put it: you are utterly bored at work. It has been a long time since you overcome a challenge, took on a demanding assignment, or acquired a new skill. While there are many benefits to feeling like an authority in your current position, you don’t want that degree of comfort to impede your efforts to advance professionally. You could be up for a new challenge if you feel like you’re just going through the motions every day on autopilot.

There is one crucial qualification to make, though: You don’t want to abruptly leave your current position until you’ve had an open discussion with your supervisor. It’s possible that your current company can give you new duties that will rekindle your interest and desire for your profession. Don’t avoid having such open conversations. Although nerve-wracking, they are crucial.

If you’ve already spoken to your manager about the issue but nothing has changed, it’s time to quit and look for employment opportunities elsewhere.

  1. You are worried about where your business is going.

It’s possible that your employer recently underwent an acquisition.

Perhaps your policies on remote work or paid time off have undergone significant changes. You can be working under completely new management right now. Whatever the specifics, the rules of the game have changed at work, and you’re not totally sure you still agree with them.

There is much to be said about following your gut instinct, and when these kinds of shifts occur, it’s usually not too difficult to predict where your organization is headed. There is no law (apart from any contract you may have signed, of course) that requires you to remain there at any costs; loyalty only goes so far. Consider it a warning sign that you might wish to leave your employer if you’re concerned about their future.

  1. You dread going into work

Life is just too short to be miserable at work (although far too many of us do). Nothing is worse than having a bad case of the “Sunday scaries” or wanting to cry every morning when your alarm goes off. It’s tempting to dismiss those issues as typical career difficulties, but there is no doubt that they aren’t typical.


Despite the fact that you probably won’t ever jump out of bed in a cartwheel (hey, working is tougher than resting, which is why it comes with a paycheck!) , getting to the office shouldn’t feel like an extraordinary act of endurance. If so, what? Find something that doesn’t have such a negative impact on your emotional health as a favor to yourself.

  1. You’re getting approached about new opportunities

Here’s a worry that’s sure to come to mind if you’re considering looking for a new job: You might not find one. It’s unsettling to consider leaving the comfort and regularity of your current career and venturing into the vast job search environment.

The good news is that we’re still in a candidate-driven market where businesses are vying for the best personnel, as the Society for Human Resource Management affirms. Rejoice in the knowledge that you’re in an excellent place to land a new job. And if headhunters, recruiting managers, and recruiters are already regularly approaching you? That is a clear indication that you have skills that are in demand, and it may even indicate that you are overqualified for the position you now hold.

If you’re in the fortunate position of regularly receiving requests for informational interviews in your inbox, then the new year is the perfect moment to give them some serious thought.

Signals That It’s Time for a New Job

  1. You simply need a change of pace.

It can be tempting to feel as though you must defend every choice you make in your professional life, but in the majority of situations, it’s crucial to use logic and reason to your benefit. But remember this: You don’t always need an explanation. It’s entirely acceptable when you find yourself yearning for a new beginning or challenge but are unable to articulate why.

Because most people don’t work the same job for their entire lives. It’s more than acceptable to change professions based solely on a gut feeling as long as you aren’t making an entirely misinformed decision (more on that in a moment).

In the coming year, are you prepared for a new job?

Did you spot yourself in a few or perhaps one of the aforementioned signs? If so, this could be the year you take on a brand-new professional challenge. Of course, you shouldn’t let this list be your only factor in deciding whether to move jobs. Before continuing, confirm that you:

  • Make the best decision for you, conduct extensive research.
  • Consider it later; your career isn’t the place to make snap judgments!

Whether it’s talking to your supervisor, applying for promotions, or putting yourself out there for new initiatives, take the required actions to maximize your existing position. Signals That It’s Time for a New Job.

But what if you’re certain that you need a brand-new job to make 2023 your best year yet? Go after them then. We’re on your side!


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