6 Outstanding Scholarships for Creative Writers


Finding the top scholarships for writers might need a significant amount of study in order to get a genuinely relevant list of possibilities. But at Great Value colleges, we always work to make things simpler for you in this regard. As a result, we have you covered this time with a list of the top 15 scholarships available to writers today. For more information on this type of funding opportunities, keep reading.

  1. The Dan Klepper Memorial Award


Be enrolled in an approved Texas college or university, working toward a profession in outdoor recreation, environmental protection, wildlife management and conservation, or in the promotion of those fields of study to the general public.

Leading outdoor newspaper Texas Outdoor Writers Association offers the Dan Klepper Memorial Scholarship as one example of its continued efforts to be a good neighbor. This fellowship offers $2,000 to students pursuing a career in communication concerning outdoor-related topics, environmental protection, or animal management and conservation in memory of the renowned outdoor writer Dan Klepper. For a chance at an award decision before the end of the same month, submit your application by February 1. 

  1. Wiit Students Scholarship


Candidates must identify as female and be presently enrolled, either full- or part-time, in an authorized US institution or college.

Candidates must be undergraduate Juniors or Seniors or enrolled in graduate school.

Candidates must provide evidence of their prior success.

The Association of Women in International Trade is generously providing the WIIT Student Scholarship to you. Winners of the organization’s WIIT Student Scholarship may receive up to $1,500 toward their college expenses. Winners get a free, included membership to WIIT as well as significant mentoring and networking opportunities in addition to the cash reward. 

  1. Eligibility for the Norma Ross Walter Scholarship

Female high school seniors who want to major in English at authorized schools or universities must apply. They must also be potential first-year college students.


The Willa Cather Foundation offers the Norma Ross Walter Scholarship, which covers up to $2,500 in tuition for selected candidates. Each year, a number of winners are named, with varying reward amounts depending on the applicant’s originality and general character. For those interested, the Willa Cather Foundation also offers a variety of fantastic scholarship options. 

  1. Eligibility for the NYFWA Scholarship Program

Applications must come from tri-state New York area undergraduate or graduate journalism students who are currently enrolled or just graduated and have a sincere desire in pursuing a career in business and financial journalism.

Through the NYFWA Scholarship Program, the New York Financial Writers’ Association annually grants a number of outstanding scholarships. This opportunity provides qualified students and recent graduates with tuition reimbursement or coverage. To be eligible, submit your entry before the deadline of April 15 each year.

  1. Aspiring Literary Scholar Award


A historically Black college or university freshman, sophomore, or junior student must qualify as a candidate (HBCU).

A 2.5 or higher cumulative grade point average is required of candidates.

The Go On Girl! Book Club, a reading group committed to literacy and, more especially, promoting awareness of the literary works of writers from the Black Diaspora, is the sponsor of the Aspiring Literary Scholar Award. If you win, the organization will pay $1,000 toward your tuition, promote you on their website, invite you to their awards ceremony, and even give you visibility in their magazine and email. The yearly entry deadline for consideration for this opportunity is March 31.                                                                

  1. Eligibility for the ACES Walsh Scholarship

Show your dedication to a career in editing written content.

The Society for Editing is exclusively providing the ACES Walsh Scholarship. This organization participates in a variety of activities, one of which is the yearly ACES Walsh Scholarship program, in an attempt to enhance the quality of the written word and the working conditions of editing professionals today. The organization will provide winners with crucial tuition reimbursement as well as continued connections and professional writer networking.

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