Inboxdollars Review / Make Money for doing tasks


Inboxdollars Review / is Inboxdollars legit or not

Generally speaking, I think that anything that promises to reward you for doing what you already do every day should be avoided as far as possible, since it will only make you feel bad since the reward is only expected to make you do the things you already do. Having been using the app for a week now, I am happy to report that my experience thus far has been successful. In the following paragraphs, you will learn about all of the features of this app, they offer rewards for using them, and how you can earn rewards for using them. I am confident that the app is legit after using all of its features and earning rewards of $8.

It is my intention to explain to you the eight main approaches to earning money with InboxDollars, to tell you about my experience using each feature of this app, and to show you which of them are the most profitable (and which are not).

I know most of you want to start making money online but the problem is you don’t know how to go about it or where to start from i will say you don’t have to worry anymore because their is this wonderful platform that has been helping people around the world to make cool money with just completing some tasks on their platform.

The name of this wonderful platform is InboxDollars platform, InboxDollars platform is a great social media earning platform. In this InboxDollars review i will be explaining to you guys on how you can actually create an account and start making big money from InboxDollars platform without no stress involved.

About InboxDollars platform?

You can make some extra money at InboxDollars by taking surveys, redeeming cash-back offers, printing coupons, reading their promotional emails, watching their ads, and performing other small tasks to make some additional cash. With InboxDollars, you are able to earn money while standing in line or walking your dog, since you are able to use the app from your laptop or portable device. New users of InboxDollars are also eligible to receive a $5 bonus for signing up for the service. Besides owning InboxDollars, Prodege LLC also owns several sites similar to them, including Swagbucks, MyPoints, and ShopAtHome, all of which are owned by the same company. I’m sure you’ve noticed some overlap between InboxDollars and any of these sites that you have used before if you’ve ever used any of them. There are some unique features provided by InboxDollars, such as Scratch and Win cards and WinIt codes, which will be discussed in more detail later on, as well as some other features.

InboxDollars has one aspect that I like about it, which is that we track your earning in dollars and cents instead of points, which makes it a more user-friendly site. With this feature, you will be able to keep track of exactly how much time you have left before you redeem your cash.




Can i refer my friends and family to InboxDollars platform?

Yes, you can always invite your friends and family to platform because platform always welcome new members that are just joining their community for the first time also platform provides tutorial guides for beginners so they can find everything easy on InboxDollars platform.

Once you refer and they click on your referral link and register on InboxDollars platform you will be credited with money in your account.


Is InboxDollars available for all countries around the world?

Yes, InboxDollars platform is available for some countries around the world all what you need to do is, visit their platform to know if your country is been accepted to join and register on platform so you can start earning money on-time with just completing some tasks on their platform.

How does InboxDollars platform works?

A user of InboxDollars has the option to make money in a variety of ways with multiple ways to earn money. In accordance with your time and interest, you can choose which ones you would like to do, or you can do all of them. Once you sign up for an InboxDollars account for the first time, you will receive a $5 bonus, so you only need to provide your email address and confirm your account for the first time in order to receive your bonus.
Following this, you will have to fill out a survey that is 30 questions long, which will ask you for information such as your age or gender that you have identified already. There will be a $0.50 bonus at the end of this survey which can take between 5 to 10 minutes for you to fill out.

Despite the fact that you can cash out your $5.50 right away, you cannot do so immediately. Rewards can be redeemed with a minimum limit of $15 per redemption. It is possible for you to continue earning.




What payment method InboxDollars platform uses to pay is members in the community?

InboxDollars platform uses PayPal, Bitcoin, direct bank transfer to pay is members in the community so once you have reached the threshold you can make your payment request and platform will process your money straight to your account so you can easily cash out without no stress involved.




How to sign up on

Signing up on InboxDollars platform is not something difficult to do all what InboxDollars platform will be needing from you is your active G-mail account so you can sign up on platform and incase you don’t have an active G-mail account you can actually create one and use it to sign up on InboxDollars platform.


How to login on

After you are done signing up on InboxDollars platform you can now login anytime you want on InboxDollars platform but always remember don’t forget your login details keep it safe so you can easily login anytime you want on

Final Verdict

InboxDollars platform is a great social media earning platform that allow people to join and start making big money with just completing some tasks on

Just incase you want to start making money from InboxDollars platform and anything goes sideways you are on your own risk because will not be held responsible.


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