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Design a better future scholarship: A business called Honors Graduation sells a range of graduation accessories, such as honor cords, caps and gowns, stoles, tassels, medals, diplomas, gifts, and clothing. They provide a scholarship, which is funded by the money made through the selling of diploma cords.

High school students have the chance to participate in the annual Design A Better Future scholarship competition by coming up with a project concept that will improve their neighborhood. Each of the project’s winners will get a $10,000 scholarship. A $5,000 award will also be given to the best overall initiative to help keep it going.

You must be a high school senior who intends to continue your education in an American university, college, or trade school, even though all seniors are eligible. The $10,000 prize for the top five finalists will be distributed as a check from Honors Graduation to the recognized college or university, with the student listed as the beneficiary.

Conditions for Eligibility

  • Senior in high school, eligible grade
  • Any maximum age
  • Minimum GPA: Any
  • United States eligible in terms of geography
  • Any gender
  • Any race or ethnicity

How to ace the HonorsGradU Design A Better Future Scholarship

  1. Observe your neighborhood

Spend some time carefully observing your neighborhood, paying attention to what is going on around you, and picking up new information. Understanding the problems that your community and the residents there face is the first step in developing a project that will be effective.

  1. Get your neighborhood involved and active

Engage those around you to pique their interest in and desire to participate in your endeavor. When you need people, community engagement can assist you in enlisting their support or involvement in your project.

  1. Organize your project.

Pay close attention to every last detail when planning your project, and create a plan of action for each step.

Your project’s likelihood of success will rise with planning.

  1. Your initiative should make a significant difference

It is your responsibility to create a project that will benefit the neighborhood. Develop, design, and execute a project accordingly so that it will significantly affect the community.

5 Facts About Design A Better Future Scholarship

  1. Students may cooperate in teams.

Each member of the group will get an equal share of the scholarship if their entry is accepted. Students may work in groups of up to three.

  1. Students may participate in an ongoing project.

As long as they fulfill all conditions for the award, students may base their community service project on one that they are already engaged in for school or an extracurricular activity.

  1. Students may collaborate with a neighborhood group.

Students may collaborate with an established nonprofit organization as long as they provide the name of the organization and the supervisor’s name or email address as evidence that they were the project’s primary organizer and executor.

  1. The scholarship committee is made up of Honors Graduation staff.

Members of the Honors Graduation staff, both present and previous, make up the scholarship committee.

  1. The scholarship website lists the recipients of awards.

On the scholarship’s website, past winners are highlighted along with the volunteer work they undertook.

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