Advertisement Review | Is adyoume legit or scam?

Advertisement Review | Is adyoume legit or scam?

Is legit or scam? Sit back and learn from this review which will give you insights or all the details there is to know about, an online platform for earning money online while shortening URLs.

Welcome back! Happy holidays friends, stay blessed as you engage in focus reading of this beautiful Adyoume review that you probably must have com across on search. Out of sight, but never out of mind, tomorrow’s ultimate mine will long provide the precious raw materials our modern society needs. There are obviously a lot that will be shared and more you can learn about Adyoume just by reading calm our review.

So with the help of this review for you to read and be well informed, you can be sure to decide whether or not is legit or a scroll along platform!

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It would be necessary to let you to that, we’re going to attempt most of the important areas of this review, especially areas necessary for you to have an if possible stress-free registration and experience and you’ve already got first-hand experience from here.

Disclaimer: This is to let you know that this review is not sponsored by any company. Our aim is to create a guide for interested users to have an idea of what program they are about to embark on.

About | What is Adyoume?

Adyoume! The online platform provides people with a way to earn money on the internet. It is essentially a URL shortener that allows you to shorten long URLs.

As a user of this platform, you can earn money by shortening any lengthy URL that you like and sharing those shortened URLs on YouTube, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media network that you choose.

  • Adyoume Security Info & Contact Us Page: will not disclose your phone number or email address to anyone.
  • Is Available On Google? Yes, it is available on google.
  • Adyoume Social Media Outlet; On Facebook: Yes, On WhatsApp: Not Yet, On Instagram: Yes, On Telegram: No, On Twitter: Yes, On LinkedIn: Yeah.
  • Adyoume Device Performance & Mobile Interface: mobile interface and design are smooth and stress-free on both mobile and other devices.
  • Adyoume Website’s Design: website design is not to be concerned about now, but if insisted to know of. uses an algorithm like never seen before, the website design is colourful unique and one might say “the best”.

Which Country Is Adyoume available to?

Countries accepted to join Adyoume is specifically across Europe, southern Africa, North and South America, and Australia. Others like; (Brazil, Chile, Singapore, Peru, South Africa, Finland and china) for now

Who is the Founder of Adyoume?

There still seems to be no further information of the owner, CEO and founder of!

How to get started with

1. To get started, you must create an Adyoume account. To register, visit the website.

2. The option to join now can be found there. The registration form appears, asking for your username, password, e-mail, and main account. Once you have filled that out, click on “I agree to terms and conditions.”.

3. A confirmation email will be sent once you have created an account.

4. You can now make money by shortening and sharing URLs. And that’s so easy how to get started with!

How does works?

Ensure to step by step and carefully read through this review, to learn how works.

1. Once you have registered, you can begin shortening URLs. This website has two positions; publisher and advertiser.


2. When you signup for a publisher account, you will need to type the long link in the link shortener box and click shorten. Afterward, you need to share the shortened link on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

3. Advertising is another way to earn money.

4. In addition, you can earn referral commissions by inviting your friends to join this site.

How to sign up on | Adyoume Signup

And by now you must excited for a complete signup.

1. Remember to always fill in all  correct details and one you can easily remember when asked to enter for verification purposes.

2. Input your Name, Email, Phone Number, Location and hit “Sign me up” to create your

3. Enter details about yourself. Like; Your Gender, Your Country, Your Birthdate and click the little box that says “I accept the Terms and conditions”. That is all you need to register an account on

How to login on | login

Follow each step for easy access to your account. Remember to enter only the correct details you clearly are sure of login to your account with.

1. Enter your Phone Number, Email Address, Username, Password, make sure to accept all terms and conditions if asked of you.

2. Then, hit Sign in to proceed.

How do I earn from Adyoume?

You are paid based on CPM by This platform offers a price rate per 1000 visits, which is calculated on a CPM basis. To earn, you can either be a publisher or an advertiser.

Generally, CPM rates in this platform range between $3 per 1000 visits and $3 per 1000 visits in the minimum. Depending on the country, this rate changes constantly. There are two types of publishers: those who shorten URLs and share them on social media, and those who post advertisements to make money.

Adyoume Payment method | Adyoume withdrawal method

Different payment sources have different minimum payout thresholds. Therefore, a minimum payment threshold of $100 may apply. will certainly pay you via PayPal, Web Money, Skrill, Payoneer Vodafone, Neteller, Payza, and Bitcoin. Payouts through PayPal require a minimum balance of $5.

Adyoume Review: Adyoume Referral | How to earn from Referral

It is also possible to earn a referral commission by referring your friends to the site in the future.

1. A great way to earn money through this program is by referring friends to this program.

2. You will be able to earn a 5% commission when you refer others to this site. Review: Is legit?

If you would like to earn a side income using this website, then you can do so because it is legitimate. Nevertheless, I recommend other URL shortener websites because this one pays only a relatively low rate. has a much lower pay rate and referral bonus than other websites.

Take an advice from the experienced who have signed up on, with no doubt of telling if is legit or scam for confirmation purposes. Review: Is scam?

There is no scam associated with App. This website allows you to shorten and share URL links for money. Depending on the country, it has varying CPM rates. As well as earning through referrals, it offers a referral bonus program. Review | Is adyoume legit or scam?


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